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Who can benefit from the programs offered by RRaFT Educators?

Anyone can benefit from our programs, from community groups to corporations and government departments. RRaFT Educators caters for everyone, with programs specifically designed to ensure that participants achieve their goals at all levels.

Who has RRaFT Educators worked with before?

Working in a range of settings has made RRaFT Educators extremely flexible. Workshops and training sessions have bee implemented in government departments, prisons, private enterprises, schools and community groups. RRaFT Educators can help people in a wide variety of situations achieve all manner of goals.

We can work with groups or individuals, with our programs catering for people from community to corporate levels. Further growth is expected for RRaFT Educators, and this is predicted on the back of excellent feedback we have received from clients.

What is the difference between RRaFT Educators and other similar team building businesses?

There is no similar service provider or company; RRaFT Educators offer a new and unique service that deals with sensitive issues in an enjoyable, yet effective, manner. Through this approach, we are able to access people who would normally not engage with such programs.

Will RRaFT Educators improve the productivity of my workforce?

Yes. By improving the various relationship within your organisation, members will be more comfortable, happier and therefore more productive.

RRaFT Educators design programs to improve employee/employee and employee/manager relationships in businesses, and improved student/student and student/teacher relationships in schools.

Improving these relationships is achieved through effective and enjoyable programs that seek to correct any issues that may be impacting negatively on these relationships. This would certainly impact positively on productivity.

Can RRaFT Educators customise programs to suit my company?

Yes, RRaFT Educators' programs can help people in a wide variety of situations achieve all manner of goals. We look at the particular needs of a company, school or group and customise our performance-based programs to most effectively meet them.

We can work with groups or individuals to achieve the results you're after.

What does the 'RRaFT' in RRaFT Educators stand for?

Our name is derived from the acronym 'RRaFT', that stands for Respect, ReCreate and Facilitate Transformation. This reflects our unique approach to the creation of excellence through our programs.

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