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Company Profile

RRaFT Educators is an international team of practitioners, arts workers, artists, consultants and facilitators who provide workshops, staff training programs and consultations that make a difference.

We have an international reputation for innovative and transformative work in a range of settings from government departments to prisons, private enterprises, schools and community groups with diverse groups of people.

What can we do for you and your organisation?

"You allowed everyone a voice and the chance to explore their (our) own ideas about what needed to be changed within that personal context" Workshop participant

RRaFT Educators work from these fundamental principles:

"Your fantastic message about creating sustainable change was so powerful I felt a mirror had been held up to my work/life habits and sometimes that can be a bit confronting."Teacher


Our programs are designed to be enjoyable, powerful and effective. By using drama as a core component of our programs we are able to engage people who are traditionally difficult to engage.

Personal Growth

Our programs will improve the confidence, capabilities and productivity of those within your organisation. RRaFT Educators promotes personal growth in a non-confrontational and safe environment that encourages participants to explore social issues and behaviours in relation to self, group and society.


Our programs will improve the confidence, capabilities and productivity of those within your organisation. This will develop the individual's ability to work within a team and the team's ability to support and encourage the individual. Through these processes, participants develop interpersonal skills, self confidence and self-esteem.


Our programs help participants achieve their goals at all levels, and we believe that each individual has the ability to change. By accepting and taking responsibility for our own actions, we can create lives that inspire us.

You have inspired me to stop stepping back out of my life and to take it!! Jennifer Jackson, Teacher


RRaFT Educators are committed to a sustainable planet and sustainable communities and our programmes promote and encourage this.


Our work celebrates the greatness in all of us.

What does this mean for your business?

RRaFT Educators can improve the effectiveness of your organisation and the people within it. We do this through innovative and powerful, yet enjoyable performance influencing programs. Our programs empower people, giving them the personal tools they need to make informed and effective choices when dealing with a range of issues in their daily lives.

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